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I am a young creative minded mother of boy/girl twins. When we decided to start a family, twins were never in the mix. They have proven to be a blessing and joy and it is a wonder to watch them grow and take in the world around them. I currently work outside the home full-time and find that working along with raising an active (read= exhausting)little family of 6 (can't forget the doggies)can be a bit of a challenge. I decided to purchase a sewing machine to give my creative side a much needed boost. Over the past 6 months I have been teaching myself to sew through my own trial and error and reading of blogs and books. It seems that I have a knack for this sewing thing as I have taken to it like a fish to water. I look forward to sharing with you a little on my life and crafting projects as things take shape!

Friday, January 30, 2009

What Have I Gotten Myself Into???

It came! It came! Can you imagine my excitement when I walked into the house yesterday and saw a lovely little package sitting on the counter with my name on it? I had a few things on order that I've been waiting for but this one seemed to be just the right size for a beautiful apron to be sitting in. I had a quick 15 minutes before I had to get the kids into the car for soccer class but I knew I had to open and see what goodie was waiting for me! I was so excited when I opened my box to find my lovely apron. The colors are not conventional V-Day but I love them! My favorite, my absolute favorite thing about this apron is that she made the ties extra long so I can actually pull the around and tie in the front the way I always see. I just love it and now I am hooked on swaps! I may never be able to stop!
Isn't it just lovely? My lovely partner can be found here at her blog . Please visit her and tell her what a lovely job she did. She made me an apron I love and that makes me feel pretty. So far all the aprons I've made have been for other people. It's really nice to have someone make one for you. It's even better have have it look so nice on you. I think I look pretty good in my new apron, don't you? I just love the band on the bottom cut on the bias to give it just a little flounce. My husband even had something to say. He likes the "green dingleberries" on the bottom.
Of course the good didn't end there. In my box of apron loveliness sat sparkly shimmery nail polishes to match my apron. Those were promptly scooped up by my 3 year old daughter who hasd an unnatural obsession with nail polishes. One lovely weekly menu planner that was opened and placed immediately on my fridge. I'm hoping this will help get us organized and stop the "What's for dinner" and subsequent trip to eat out. Next was one lovely packet of mini emery boards in a matchbook cover. I just love this becuase I was always, repeat always breaking or chipping a nail. That's easy to do with twins who are forever asking you to open something . So these will surely be a life (or at least nail) saver for sure. Lastly but not least was a box of Ferrer Roche chocolates in a flavor I have not seen. I can't wait to get home today to try one out! Ideally I should have taken a picture of all my goodies together but since my home is like living with a pack of wolves, all the stuff was pulled out before I could think to take the picture. All I'm saying is that the box of chocolate had better be untouched when I get home today! :)

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  1. I'm SO glad you like your apron. And yes my dear, you look amazing wearing that apron!! Sweet and sassy, just the way God intended!

    You go whip up something delicious, when you get home. Right after you hide those chocolates, of course!